Raising standards, preserving potential for youth in Maine



Growing up in the beautiful farmlands of Caribou Maine…

I learned early the importance of community in times of celebration and in times of need. I was fortunate to live and learn among adults who guided and lifted all young people, not just the select few. 

The selfless guidance of my community informs and infuses the work I’ve done for over 20 years as an advocate for youth and families in Maine’s child welfare and juvenile justice system, which includes my recent tenure as chairwoman of the Board of Visitors for Long Creek Youth Development Center. 

My mission is to protect and preserve the potential of our youth and families by building strong, collaborative partnerships with children, parents, professionals and institutions across our state.



Advocate for best possible outcomes

  • Provide a voice for youth and families

  • Identify root causes 

  • Raise standards of care

Consult on multi-system integration

  • Analyze trends and needs assessments

  • Advance best policy and practice

  • Forecast changes in practice and system delivery

Foster collaborative problem-solving

  • Create a shared vision among stakeholders

  • Leverage key partnerships to support civic engagement

  • Improve systems of response in crisis, intervention and prevention


Innovate solutions

  • Establish mechanism(s) for continuous improvements

  • Improve outcomes, impact and efficiency

  • Project development and training needs



  • Preserving the potential for youth 

  • Protecting the integrity of our institutions

  • Supporting our most vulnerable 

  • Creating awareness and course-correcting our approach

  • Connecting strategic partnerships and forward thinking leadership

  • Improving access to effective and efficient treatment

  • Linking best practice and supportive policy in multi-systems

  • Ensuring transparency, accountability, and measured outcomes

  • Offering continuous improvement for best possible outcomes

  • Collective leadership

  • Provide advisory and expert opinions



T: (207) 807-5947 | E: tonya@tonyadimillo.com

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